Sunday, June 19, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - II

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I am before you; your eyes pierce me to the depths. 

I cannot hold your gaze; my head bows in shame and submission. 

My legs bend under me and I am on the ground. You say to me, 

‘Look at me.’

I am frozen and unable to move.

I make the slightest motion to look through the veil of my worship object but you tell me,

‘Look at me with the boldness of your own eyes.

I weep.

Your beauty is too much and your glory is too violent for me to behold. 

I am not scared. I feel your love like a liquid that pours over my face.

We are in that space for a moment and then, with deliberation, you veil your own face with the blood.

I look up, relieved.

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