Sunday, June 26, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - III

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I brought a gift to my Lord and discovered that it wasn’t my gift to Him; it was His gift to me.

I invited Him to come down and commune with me here; He invited me to the throne room to dance for Him there.

I take one step towards Him; He is already running towards me.

I tell others of His great love; He tells the angels of my faith and counts it as righteousness.

My thoughts of love for Him bring me to tears; His love for me brought death to His Son.

I am hungry and He satisfies me with good things.

I am thirsty and He gives me living water to drink so that I am overflowing.

I feel small but His eyes range throughout the whole earth, looking for me so that He might give me strength.

He is mighty, and I hide beneath the strong arm of the Lord.  I am safe and he holds me close so that no one and nothing can hurt me.  I have peace because He is peace.

I am silent and reverent before the Lord and He makes me laugh out loud.

I feel His presence on me; it is warm and I feel the weight on my hands.

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