Sunday, June 12, 2011

Psalms for Sunday

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I delight in the Lord, my God.

He is above all, there is none that can compare; others may bring their gods for me to consider but they are nothing but counterfeit and I will not turn my eyes away.

He is the source of my joy; in Christ I find my soul satisfaction.

He is my praise and my passion, if I could, I would speak of Him all the day long.

I feel His presence and know His delight when I am in my private place.  My Father exalts me to the highest places; I am seated already in heaven.

He is extravagant in His actions toward me. I cannot contain the pleasure of His presence.
I love His every Word; it is life to me. 

He tells me secrets and I know His heart; it is always turned toward me.  Even in discipline, the Father is good.

He teaches me things in season; he makes me to be wise in understanding and noble in character.

He teaches me a new language and offers me new clothes so that I might dance for him.

I look with pleasure to the night, because my spirit communes with the Creator unencumbered.

He is majestic and beautiful and every day, I wait upon Him until He shows his favour and His face.

I trust Him with my life completely.  I will walk in the darkness and yet it will be as day because He is light and He is always with me.

He makes me to be bold and have no fear because of his promises.

He has given me a sword and also strength to use it.  He has anointed me.

The future is not troubling.  I am eager for it because my God is triumphant.  I will sing songs of worship and I will praise my King, my Saviour.

I will speak of His works; of His power and might.  He is my praise and I will worship.

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