Sunday, July 3, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - IV

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How can a finite mind know the infinite?  Such thoughts should be no concern of mine and yet, because you are gracious, you reveal yourself in increments.

For that reason alone, I give you praise.

Who is the Father?
He is the one I run to when I’m scared or wounded.
The Father is always sitting and his lap is open for me.  His arms envelope me and he wipes away my tears.
He delights in my accomplishments and calls me beautiful. 
My Father is the one I dance for. 
It’s easy to worship Him because I am so secure in His love.

Who is the Son?
He is my confidante and co-conspirator.
He loves adventure and laughs, a lot.
In his eyes, I feel beautiful but not exposed.
The Son is my treasure and my reward. 
The Son is extravagant in gifts and paid for it all.
The ‘swag bag’ of heaven is incalculable.  It contains only one thing - Jesus.
If there were a surprise party, the Son is who organized it and is always the first to yell, “Surprise!”
The Son is my friend; he enjoys my company.

Who is the Spirit?
He is the wind on my face and the fire inside.
Of the 3, I don’t see him, but his presence is the most discernible.
His voice is the whisper and the thunder in the wind.
His power is awesome; it terrifies me and draws me toward him.
He is my peace that surpasses all understanding; he is my comfort in the dark night of the soul.
He cuts through darkness like a hot knife through an ice cream cake.
He makes me remember my first love.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are different. They are equal. They are eternal. 

They are one God.

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