Sunday, July 24, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - VII

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This Sunday is a special entry – it’s more of a prayer. It was written by Anne Waterton on August 4, 1956; it was taken from her journal. I wrote a tribute to Anne, which can be found here. She lived to be 94 and died this year. Her entire life was given in devotion to her heavenly Father, whom she knew intimately. Please enjoy the prayer today.

August 4, 1956

May we with awe and wonder and humility ponder on our new position in Christ.

Father, we thank you for our position before you – saved and sanctified – not through any good in us – no in spite of the sinfulness of the human nature, Jesus paid the price by shedding his precious blood and now we are free, washed and sanctified in a Holy God’s sight. Now help us day by day – to first thing in the morning to state this ourselves (and the powers of darkness) who it is that we belong to. Every time a lying thought comes to our mind, we must take out stand – dead to sin and alive unto God. If we do sin and repent, we are wonderfully forgiven. David’s words, “Against thee – thee only have I sinned,” need to be our words as we repent from the heart and accept our forgiveness.

Our Saviour was attacked by Satan – but even in the desert God’s presence was with him and the same Presence is with us as we walk through trials. The only time God’s presence was not with him was when on the cross he took our sin on him and paid the price. What love for the Father and for us.

Help us to keep our thoughts in captivity to the obedience of Christ and speak out and think the true treasures which are ours because of what Jesus did for us.

We can sing with the hymn writer, “More love to thee o Christ.”

The eye has not seen; the ear has not heard the things God has prepared for those that love him.

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