Sunday, July 31, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - VIII

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Who am I that I should feel entitled to your favour? Is there anything that I could do to make your love for me increase?

No, and yet I act like as chancellor over your created ones, the ones you adore. I am too quick to bring judgment and condemnation as though I deserve something better. I am drawn to the bloodshed of their own doing like a child to a puddle. I laugh at the ones where my prosperity comes from.

They are godless, but your love doesn’t fail. When they prosper, I prosper.

I will repent and pour myself out in prayer for them and ask for grace and mercy and peace on their behalf. I will worship on the land where they dwell, and here in my worship you will hear me. You will bless them because I bless them. You are able to do it.

It is by your great mercy and your goodness that they might recognize your loving-kindness towards them, so that the way of transformation is possible. How blessed will that day be?

Lord, help me to hunger after righteousness on behalf of the ones that give trouble to me. Help me to rightly see that it is only through your grace that I am saved and not in the same place.

I love you and I will love the ones you love.

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