Sunday, August 14, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - X

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The people that surround me are like trees; like poplars that grow tall but have no depth. At the first mighty wind they topple over, causing destruction to anything in their way. They grow like as a border, used for separation; to incubate them against evil, yet they do not perceive they cannot diverge from themselves.

The poplar grows only erect like a soldier at attention. It does not spread its branches or leaves to give shade or shelter to others. Its only purpose is to divide.

I wonder, why does the Lord let them stand, for the seeds to be planted? Surely the Lord is able to stop it; yet his blessing: the sun and the rain come down on the poplar as well as a maple tree.

I am a maple tree, strong and deeply rooted. My leaves are 3-pronged because of my love for the Father, Son and Spirit, and from them healing and covering overflows. My source of life is the spring of living of living water that proceeds directly from the wellspring of the Lord, my God.

I do not revel in our difference – the poplar and maple - because I know the love of God does not show favourites.

He is love and he is over all things.

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