Sunday, August 21, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - XI

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I am discouraged today. 

Where is the deliverance? Where is the victory? “It’s finished,” you say but I feel undone, unfinished.
I hear laughter – it’s mocking me.

How long, Jesus before your glory is everlasting among your people? Will I see it? Will my children? Or will I be counted as one who received the promise but never set my eyes on it? I lose hope in the length of days that stretches before me. Each day is a weight and the light seems to fade even more.

At this moment, the sun casts its warmth on me, as if to remind me of the Son who is always near.

I will praise your name and declare your promises in the presence of my enemy. On the places they tread, I will proclaim resurrection and reconciliation. I will be an overcomer; my enemy will not prevail against me and I will not turn back until I receive the blessing.

You are glorious, majestic and beautiful. Forgive me, Father, for losing sight of your fearsome strength.

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