Sunday, August 28, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - XII

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The land is cursed and every year I go to that place, but this year is different. I recall the promises and words the Lord has spoken and I am not afraid. 

On every side, I see open graveyards and the fallen lying exposed and forgotten. There is death and destruction on the road. My life was threatened but the Lord was with me. The Lord of heaven is always with me.

The beauty of creation belies the truth. Men who live there love the beauty but they don’t give glory and honor to whom the beauty is formed by. It will not save them; the cold seeps into your bones like a stronghold and it won’t let go until you are conquered. No more! 

For a little while, the Light left but like the sun that breaks through the fog at noonday, so will the Lord of Hosts reclaim this place. The salmon that run through prophesy to the harvest that is coming. 
I raise a banner on the ocean’s edge and walk along the paths with purpose and intention. I am given a new song and I sing it.

The Lord will be worshipped and exalted. Rise up and sing with me.

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