Sunday, September 11, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - XIV

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I love your word, it tells of your promises and your everlasting covenant that you made with Abraham. Your promises are true, not one of them will fail and your word is firm.

My heart rejoices and is joyful. My heart swells with joy in the Lord. Not one of your enemies will stand, you have conquered them all.

Who is man that you are mindful of him? That we should be the apple of your eye. I can’t understand how you love us so much, that you would consider man your companion. Who are we that you should tell us anything. You are God and nothing is impossible for you, and yet before you act, you speak to your servants, the ones whose hearts are turned toward you. 

You bless and reward those who receive your word.

From the beginning of human existence, praise is on our lips. We praise you Lord and bless your name. We give you glory. You alone are worthy to be praised.

You sit on your throne, you see all eternity as if it was a speck and you act in accordance with your everlasting covenant with your people. You offer significance to your people, to participate in his story. 

Who is the man that can stand proud before you? I do not know such a man. I am humbled at the outskirts of your court. I fall on my knees before I enter the gates because you are holy.

Arise, you say. Come boldly before the throne because you have redeemed me and made me to be righteous because of your promise. Hallelujah, my Lord and Saviour.

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