Sunday, September 18, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - XV

I feel restless. I want something but I’m not certain for what. It’s like being hungry and peering into the cupboard, hoping that somehow there will be something new since that time you looked only 10 minutes before. It’s not hunger, it’s boredom. I feel it in my soul.

I try this and I try that but nothing satisfies me. What? I ask the Lord. What am I missing?

There is a dissonance in my soul, and the Lord is silent. Like a whiny child, I keep asking, What Lord, what? Then I hear something. Be still and know, echoes in my head. I don’t want to, I want to do, not be still. Be still and know, I hear again. Okay, I comply, but not fully. I am silent, but not easily rested and I jump up quickly at the first sound or action. Was that you, I ask.

There is nothing to do but wait. He is teaching me to understand the times and seasons. Why does it take so long, I whine again. Lord, you are patient and always faithful. I’m grateful. But still, I go back to the cupboard to look for something new. There is a note addressed to me, I take it and read, Be still and know.

I laugh and I know that the restlessness will pass; I find peace and comfort in it.

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