Sunday, October 30, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - XXI

My mind doesn’t ever stop asking questions, and pondering, to the point that I am paralyzed by curiousity and I lose focus from everything. You left us the Counsellor, counsel me.

When you are present, my mind can only focus on one thing – your beauty. All the questions I wanted to ask flits away like a butterfly on a spring day and I can’t think of even one.  I want to lean my head against your heart and feel the comfort of your heartbeat.

In your presence, my mind is at peace and I have rest. The ferocity of my love for you is uncomfortable but at the same time sweet. How can that be true?

Let me stay here forever. The dishes undone, the house in disarray, people needing me, people needing you – I want your presence, that’s all. Thank you for letting me sit at your feet.

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