Sunday, November 6, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - XXII

I gathered my things and prepared to enter your presence. Outside the door, the great door to your presence I overheard the Elders say, “She’s coming, and she wants to dance before the King.” I paused for a moment – thinking perhaps I should not interrupt, but then I heard the One I love say, “When she comes, then we stop because I want to focus on her dance.”

Delighted, I ran into the room and found you ready for me. I ran to you and kissed your neck, not satisfied until I felt your embrace. This love I feel overtakes my senses and I don’t want, no, I can’t let go of you. I feel you, a tingling sensation in my hands and the heat from your presence burns like a furnace inside me. I see you, you are large and empowering and I think I couldn’t possibly reach around your neck but you hold me in hands that seem to fit me, they are not too big or too small. Your voice is like laughter, it is warm and liquid. The sounds rest on the air, suspended. I am wrapped in shalom.

The music begins and I dance for my King, the One I love. Each step, each movement is an expression of love, for you alone. Each swell in the tempo, my heart swells for you. This love is indescribable, I almost feel crushed, like I’ll die if I receive any more and yet without it I know I’ll surely die.

The dancing goes on for minutes and hours. When it is finished, I take your presence with me and I am happy.

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