Sunday, November 20, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - XXIV

In the middle of worship, I was transported to a different place and a different time. I was in the king’s courtyard as a spectator in a jousting match. I could feel the frenzy of the crowd, the sloshing drinks passing by, and smell the sweat and perfumes to cover it. My heart beat quickly as I looked for the tournament contestants.

I saw the white horse and its rider first. His presence was commanding and it energized the crowd even more. Then I followed the course to the other end, to behold the opponent; black as night on a new moon, chest held proud and his dark horse pawing the ground, wanting to move.

The signal sounded and both riders kicked their horse forward, sitting tall and forward in their seat, their lances extended. The crowd is tense, their future waiting. The white rider strikes first, tilting the dark rider from his position.

It is finished, Christ has won.

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