Sunday, December 4, 2011

Psalms for Sunday - XXVI

This love is scandalous. It stirs up disdain in others, Who is she, that she can freely enter the presence of the Most Precious One? I say to them, I am my Beloved’s and he is mine; he covers my nakedness and my exposed body with himself and every part of me is surrendered to my lover.

I am carried away to the high places, to see the wonders and the marvellous signs. Look up, world below, and see the stars my lovers put in place just for me. More, I cry, show me more.

I am weak with love and my lover gives me sweet things to eat and soothing mead to drink. The wine flows free, over my lips. Nothing that is good, does my lover spare for me. It is all for me.

This love is scandalous and others cannot know the exquisite joy; it never leaves. They say, Doesn’t she know there is trouble at home, where the servants have no lights and the food is scarce, and the enemy comes to steal the land while she frolics with her lover.

The world is worried about many things, but I, I have chosen the better part and you will not leave me. I am my Beloved’s and he is mine. There is nothing that can separate us. Love is the shield, love is the wall, love is the door. In love, I put my trust because love and my Lover are one.

My Lord is a scandalous lover and I will remain under the cover of his glorious and mighty arm.

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