Sunday, January 15, 2012

Psalms for Sunday - XXXI

A miracle is unfolding before my eyes; at first slowly and at times indistinguishable. I might have missed it altogether. But it’s true and it’s happening and you are good. You are marvellous, truly marvellous.

You are worthy of all praise. You are worthy of my praise. You are my praise and my boast. I will declare of your work with my mouth and in movement. Nothing is impossible with God, nothing is beyond his reach. We are not left without salvation.

I am loved, you are loved – more than he detests sin, he loves me. He loves you. Like a rhinoceros on a warpath, nothing will stop the Father from protecting his beloved child. I am the beloved child.

A laugh escapes my mouth because I am free. Free from brokenness, free from shame, free from oppression, free to love God with my whole heart. I am free.

My heart is in danger, not from brokenness as it once was but from the fullness for which it seems cannot be contained. I am full of life; death has no part of me. I sing, I sing because he is marvellous.

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