Sunday, February 26, 2012

Psalms for Sunday - XXXVI

I go to the House of the Lord, and with one voice, we worship the Might One, the only One who is worthy to receive praise. We laugh in the place of sorrow.

Joy, such unspeakable joy; the joy you have for your people is my strength.
Peace like flood waters wash over your people.

I desire to see a glimpse into heaven, to do what the angels do, to sing what the angels. In the worship, I’m still, longing for more of heaven, more of the Lord.

In my heart I see one, two, three angels in humble adoration; solemn and worshipful. They have joined with human voice to give praise to the One Most Holy. It’s their stance I remark about; deep reverence for the Creator. They saw the others fall, but they have remained true and they worship.

Teach me to worship; teach me to praise the Name of the Lord in perfect reverence and fear so that I might share in the wisdom of heaven.

The Lord, my God, is worthy to receive blessings, glory and honour.

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