Sunday, March 4, 2012

Psalms for Sunday - XXXVII

There is a door, it’s not large but it’s always open and light shines from the other side but few find it and many who do are skeptics and don’t enter through. Others are too proud to go through the door on their knees but they must, otherwise they cannot fit.

The desperate, the ones bloated from hunger and disease, these ones enter through the door with gladness, hoping for some crumb, some morsel to satisfy their craving and their desolation.

Inside the door is a kingdom opposite to anything experience on the other side. Where once I thought to myself, “This is a good life,” but in the new kingdom my old life is like dung – worthless except for burning.

Everything is light and my vision clears to see the glory of the presence of the Lord. He is magnificent, mighty and holy, oh so holy. Everywhere and everything changes my senses and my perception. The kabod of the Lord presses me down and I worship; I can do nothing but worship for He alone is worthy, He is worthy of all praise.

Glory to God, and worthy of all praise; bless your mighty name.

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