Sunday, April 1, 2012

Psalms for Sunday - XXXVII

Come my friends, let’s celebrate together because the Lord is good and his goodness extends wherever I focus my vision.

It is good for us to wait on the Lord together; sing praises. Lift up your voice and give shouts of triumph for he leads us into victory forever. His eye is on the heart who is devoted to him and he protects our every step. In his family, I am his favourite and you are too.

My heart is glad and leaps when I gather with his people who have one heart and one mind. My soul rejoices in the bounty of the Lord, no one is forgotten. Ask him great things and he will tell you. Desire the impossible and watch it be accomplished. Chase after the Lord, and inspire me to do the same.

Nothing will diminish my joy, nothing will diminish the celebration. Long into the night, we will still be celebrating, and when the dawn rises again, we will shout aloud for the mercy of the Lord is come.

I love the Lord; he takes care of me by the gifts he gives. My friends, the ones with whom I rejoice, they are a gift. It delights his heart, I feel it. Speak to me; encourage me with your testimonies of grace and I will be lifted up, and I will remember his goodness to you when my soul lies low.

Let me strengthen you; let me help you bear the load. Together we fulfill the purposes of the Lord.

Shout for joy, my friend, let’s worship in the house of the Lord together.

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