Sunday, April 22, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, XLI

There is a happy song in my heart; your love lifts me higher.

Invincible because you stand with me; I am not afraid of the future or all that it holds. I want to shout, “Give me your best shot,” because nothing can impede the purposes of the Lord. I am safe in your embrace; I am safe under the shadow of your wing.

I don’t cower like others who are fearful of the future. Everywhere around me, I hear people complaining, feel beat down but I have hope because I know you are faithful to your word. Not one word has failed; even now you are reconciling all things.

My God, you are strong and mighty. I will sing and declare your works. I will give you praise, all the days of my life. Let not a day go by when I don’t lift my face to heaven and proclaim the goodness of God. Even in the midst of trial, I am blessed because your presence surrounds me and all I see is your strength and my hope is restored and made new again.

Like a mother zebra that encircles her newborn to teach him to recognize her stripes, you hem me in and teach me to know you with all my senses.

How great is your love. It’s too wonderful for words and my heart cannot contain my joy. I shout. I shout again because the Lord is good and he is good to me.

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