Sunday, May 6, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, XLIII

Our God is a great big God.

With one voice, the people shouted and praised the name of God. The heavens heard and the Presence came down to restore righteousness, love and joy.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb, for the Lion has triumphed. Give a shout to the Lord, all you people, all you Saints. He comes as a judge, to judge in favour of the Saints. Praise his name, bless his name. Give a shout to his name and let all the earth hear the cry.

A shout is heard in Hades, and the enemy cowers remembering the defeat of the cross. Nothing can hinder the Saints of the Lord, for as Christ is, so are his people. Praise his name, praise his holy name. Give a shout, a mighty shout because our God is a great big God.

Shout for victory because it is secure. Shout for victory for it is completed. O Lord, count me as an overcomer for I have heard your Word and been faithful and my testimony is true. I have held on, bring me to the throne so I may receive the blessing you promised.

Our God is a great big God, give a shout and let heaven hear the cry. Shout, shout to the Lord, for he is worthy to receive glory, honour and power.

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