Sunday, May 13, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, XLIV

I could sing of your love forever; it keeps me secure, and lays a path for my feet. I will never stumble if I keep your ways. Help me to know them and be blameless all the days of my life.

Though troubles come, your unfailing goodness and faithfulness will surround me like a shield, like a tailored suit, made exactly for me. You know what I need and you prepare your provision. It is mine, I have nothing to fear. I am not anxious in your presence, I feel peace. I feel at home.

Your love, O God, is marvellous and wonderful, so infinite I could spend eternity in it and not know the end. How do I understand this? Why me? It is not mine to dwell on why you chose me, only to know that you did and I will spend my life in love and service to you. All that I am, and all that I have is yours because my life is in yours, and yours in me.

You are gracious, O Lord, to look on me with favour.  Help me to not squander it and to disregard the price of your favour.

I will sing, I will proclaim of God’s love. It is open and ready to anyone who receives it. You will not turn aside, not for anyone. You are good, always.

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