Sunday, May 20, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, XLV

I am ready for battle; the Lord himself has dressed me in armour.

The armour, it looks too delicate for a weary, long-drawn battle but it is enough. On my head, I have my knowledge that I am already saved. I know who I am, and I know whose I am.

In my preparation, I lean against the breastplate of my Lord, and our hearts beat as one. His righteousness covers me and guards my heart.

My waist is adorned with beauty and truth. Truth holds me up and disallows me to be uncovered. Truth is intricately woven but remains uncomplicated; even a child knows truth.

Although my feet lead me into battle, I carry peace. It’s good news and I am called one of the sons of God.

My shield is strong and mighty; it can withstand opposition because He has let me see the end. I have faith, and he is faithful – the One who leads me into battle.

I take up my weapon, the rhema of God. By the sword I cut down the enemy and plunder his camp. The captives are set free and our army grows.

As I march into battle, I stop and prepare my stance. I am ready so I lay down as one who loves. I am loved and so I can love. It disarms the enemy and the battle is won – just as my Lord proclaimed.

I can’t, he can, so we will. The victory is secure.

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