Sunday, May 27, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, XLVI

My energy is depleted and my strength is zapped. Many people say, “What a hard thing the Lord has made her to do.” They question if I have heard from the Lord. They say I am zealous, as though it were a curse word. I am misunderstood and profaned.

But the Lord is my strength and his hand holds me upright. When I am weak, He is strong and will give me grace to fulfill the word of the Lord. My heart is for the Lord and all that he loves, I will pour out my life; even to the point of death.

I would travel a 1,000 miles by foot, if the Lord asked me to do it. He makes my heart glad and I rejoice at the mercy of God. Who am I that the Lord should be mindful of me? And yet, I am loved and counted as one worthy because of his great sacrifice.

Can you hear the sound? There is rejoicing in heaven and it makes my heart glad. For joy, my Jesus went to the cross, and now my joy is made full.

The day of my vindication is coming, but that I will not rejoice in. I rejoice my name is written, the hand of the Lord has written my name, like a tattoo on his hand. I am remembered by the Lord.

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