Sunday, June 24, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, L

I awake and the day is bright to greet me. The sun welcomes me and I sit to wait for you.

As the sun warms me, even in the morning, I peel back the layers; so too, in the intimacy with you, I am peeled like an onion.

With you there is no fear; though I am naked, I feel no shame. I am exposed and you love me still.

You love me more.

Your love is overwhelming; I must worship because you have done this. You have taken me, but an immature child and shared secrets – secrets of your heart and secrets of things to come.

Who am I that you love me?
What have I done that you desire to spend time with me?
What can I know that you pursue me relentlessly?

I am yours and in the warmth of the sun, I wait for you – and you come.

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