Sunday, June 10, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, XLVIII

I will wait on the Lord and see the salvation he brings.
I will wait on the Lord and renew my hope because He is forever faithful.

The Lord is not slow to respond, as some complain. He is close to the broken, the wounded and the ones who struggle. He revives life to things pronounced dead. Hallelujah! The enemy perishes, but not my hope because my hope is in the Lord. He is eternal and his words never die.

I will worship the Lord, even in distress, because of his unfailing love. I am buoyed by the Spirit of the Lord. I surrender all things to him and I rest in perfect peace.

Who can say of the Lord, “He is my perfect peace,”? I can, I can say of the Lord, he is my perfect peace. I laugh at the days, even though they are evil. I choose kindness, I choose peace, I choose patience in all things.

See? When I am hungry, I take of the tree and eat its fruit because it will never perish. The spring that comes from within my spirit waters the fruit and it is eternal. I can eat of it all the days of my life, and I am satisfied. Only in the earthly reality is there not enough, but where I live there is always enough – more than enough.

God is good, and I wonder if my heart might burst with gladness and joy because my God chooses me. He chooses me, and I rejoice at the mystery.

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