Sunday, July 15, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LIII

I saw a vision: a Hunter, fierce and awesome, walking through woods. The trees were strong cedars, tall and majestic, and oak trees. The branches of the trees were like a fortress and a refuge. Many birds had fallen from their nest. They were tiny, and could not fly because they had not been taught. There was no mama, and they were fatherless.

The Hunter scooped them in his hand. He was mighty and could crush them easily by closing his hand but he was tender and spoke gently to the bird that was tired and scared. The Hunter placed the tiny bird high up in the nest. It was a new nest. The Hunter, who stooped down to pick up the wounded bird di not reach for the nest because he was mighty, it was not beyond his reach.

I saw there were other birds, most were wounded and broken and when I looked closer, they were not birds but nations. The nations were once great and mighty, but in the hand of the Hunter they were frail, not having any glory of their own. The Hunter placed each bird he carried gently in the nest, brother against brother, nation against nation and he began to feed them.

The nations did not squabble or fight for food because there was enough provision by the Hunter. When the birds were satisfied and had some strength return, the Hunter stayed and spoke with them and taught them to fly and returned their glory.

The Lord God Almighty is the Hunter and we are the people of the nations, the ones who are frail and wounded. Our hope is always in him, and once again we will see the glory of the nations restored.

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