Sunday, July 22, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LIV

Your love is intoxicating; it makes me swoon. I am wooed by passion. Teach me with your kisses – the kisses of your mouth. Take me to your chambers and I will discover you there.

Your love is intoxicating; it is better than fine wine. Your love is poured out, open and an invitation. I wonder if my heart might burst but if I die, let me die in your arms where there is no fear but rather love makes me radiant.

Your love is intoxicating; ask me anything and I will say yes. Each whiff of your fragrance is ecstasy for me.  I am drunk with love; your kisses are sweet like fruit picked in season. Your love fills me like a balloon and I drift higher and higher, tethered only to your heart.

Your love is intoxicating; my heart is pierced bit in your arms, in your embrace I am held together. Your heart beats, th-thump th-thump; it is the rhythm of our dance until my heart which is pierced beats with yours.

Your love is intoxicating.

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