Sunday, August 26, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LVI

Is your love like an ocean? Does it reach to an unfathomable depth? Does your love surround my heart like the water defines the perimeters of an Island?

Is your love ferocious? It is like the waves that carve out a cave in the rock? Do you break down hard place in my heart for your living water to rush in?

Your love is amazing; I will never cease to speak of your love. You works - all your marvellous, wondrous and secretive works - are because of your great love.

My heart is moved by my child, building and creating, excitedly showing me what primitive thing he has made; my heart is happy and I rejoice in what he has done. How much more is your delight in me? It’s too great for me to fathom, too awesome to comprehend.

I’m looking at your beauty; all creation declares your presence. The rocks extend, reaching for you and the ocean roars, remembering the Word. It is pleasant for me to sit in your creation and marvel in your goodness and love toward me.

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