Sunday, September 16, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LIX

I am swimming in the sea of your goodness; buoyed up by your favour. Your face is turned toward me, and I’m warmed by your glance. Your eyes bore my soul; I am naked but not exposed for you cover me with love.

Show me more, O Lord, let me run into eternity seeking but not finding the end of your goodness. What I have and who I am can’t contain it, like a 2nd helping of my favourite dessert, there is no more room but you remove me and place me where there are no limits. This is your place of favour for those who love you and give themselves in surrender to you.

I am yours, totally and forever. My life is lived in worship for you, my King. There is no place you go where I won’t follow because I am protected in your shadow; it’s the only place I’m safe.

Run away with me; let’s go to the caves and hide out there. The birds will feeds us and the streams provide our drink. Let me trace my fingers on your face, even in the dark I will know you.

You have yielded yourself to me, as I have to you and we will be together forever. Amen.

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