Sunday, September 2, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LVII

It’s too big, it’s too big, it’s too big. There are problems on every side; as I contend for forward motion, another battle pulls me back from the inside. How can I fight both sides? The armour you’ve given me covers my front. Who has my back?

Crouching down, hidden from the enemy’s attack, trying to catch my breath as the battle heats up, you say, “Run, I’ve got you covered.” I run, blindly to the next outlook; shots are firing, so close I look to see if I’ve been hit. Time stands still; I turn around and see you hovering like a mother over her first-born as he takes his first teetering steps. As I reach the outlook, you are already there.

The Commander of the Army shows us the battle plan on a map, pointing to the territory we’re taking. How exciting; but when the plan is executed, the map doesn’t show the rocks and the stumps and the garbage that need to be cleaned up in the new territory. It’s too big, it’s too big, it’s too big. I retreat back, but your arm catches me and brings me forward again.

It’s too big, but you are bigger still. My armour is custom-made for me and the glory of the Lord is my rear guard. You remind me nothing can stop the plan of the Lord. I can’t, you can, so we will.

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