Sunday, September 9, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LVIII

What beauty do you see when you behold me? You don’t see what I see; you see beauty instead of rags and cheap lipstick. What a mystery your love is to me. It covers my sin with garments inlaid with jewels. By your Son, I shine as the sun. Your glory is reflected on me; you are blinded by the Son and you do not see as I see.

I belong in the house you built. I have a key. What a mystery your love is to me. I can run and play and discover what secrets your house holds for those who take time to discover. I will not be turned away. My games of discovery are encouraged; they bring delight to your heart. I bring delight to your heart.

Who am I that I can know your heart, see your face and hear your voice? My joy is from you and you alone. You are jealous for my heart, also and you love me. Your love is the foundation of my life, with it I will soar above like an eagle.

My flesh, my soul and my spirit long for you. Satisfy me, O Lord and look at me with your favour. ‘Greater works than these will you do;’ let’s go, I’m ready. I believe the word, you are faithful and trustworthy. Oh, how I am blessed.

You bless me and I live my life spent on you.

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