Sunday, October 28, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LXIII

I’m uneasy; the one who calls me friend is looking for ways to cause me to stumble. There is comparison and I want to shout, “Don’t consider me, but know the Lord – how great and how mighty is He and all His works.” He who is glorious makes us glorious too – it is not the most of His miraculous works?

Know His words, as in the intimacy of marriage and not let even one of His words fall on your deaf ears. Open our ears so we might hear and respond.

Put your words in my mouth so I may bring peace, the shalom of heaven. Where I have no wisdom, make me wise – confound the learned.

I am blessed because I have believed the word of the Lord. Increase my understanding, let me sit at your feet and drink in your goodness. You are life, apart from you I will perish.

Though I am criticized and mocked and none go with me, I will come to you. I will leave all to follow you.

You are my King and I willingly serve you – all the days of my life.

1 comment:

  1. Amen. Good Word. The song 'Pioneer' sung by Rick Pino comes to mind. We press in to His sweet Presence, we listen for His voice, we follow Him, and sometimes we walk on and feel alone--yet that is a lie because HE is always with us and HE IS ENOUGH.


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