Sunday, November 18, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LXVI

We sang songs together. We sang new songs of your goodness, of your mercy and of your grace. We sang songs together, and it was good.

The angel of the Lord was with us, exalting the name of the Lord and together we sang and played music. Let all who are able, come and make music with us and sing to the Lord new songs.

Some danced in your presence and you said it was beautiful. It is good for us to give you praise and glory and honour for you are our joy. We laughed and sang songs with gladness because you are good, you are good to us. So we sing, and we dance and we shout because you are good.

Come again, and sing songs with me. Come again, and make music together. Let’s sing together until we see him face to face. Let us be glad in Him and rejoice with one another. Let us share in his fellowship and eat, drink and be merry together.

Make our house a home of worship. Let us rightly see the goodness of the Lord in all things. Let us be joyful, offering thanksgiving in every circumstance. In you, we have the victory; nothing shall overshadow us, save the shadow of the Almighty. Only you, will we fear.

Come again, let’s sing and make music to our God. Let us worship him, who gives life.

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