Sunday, November 25, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LXVII

All around me, people profane the name of the Lord. They curse and do not bless. They seek their own fortune; they are prideful, saying to themselves, “See, I have amassed this wealth. I am my own god.” They chase after pleasure, wanting the fountain of youth. I see their faces, although we have the same number of years, they are old beyond their age.

The Lord renews the strength of his righteous; time is in your hands.

I watch and have pity. Their ways seem right to them; they have no other choice. Because of your great love, my pity turns to compassion and I am like a voice calling in the wilderness, making a path for true Light to come. Your light shines bright; like a moth to a flame, they come to your Presence because in it is true Light and in it is true Love. You love them and I am sent; even the dimmest light shines bright in darkness.

Bondage and freedom are side by side. Hope is powerful; it leads to righteousness. Send me, o Lord, to proclaim your hope, as a light that shines in the dark.

How great is your love, O God, whose name is Love. I will sing of your love forever.

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