Sunday, December 9, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LXIX

How do you love me? I cannot count it all. My mouth is filled with a song and I dance for you because you are good.

In the light of your goodness, things that troubled my soul disappear and I look only on your face and feel your pleasure towards me and my household. Let all who come here experience your goodness. Let their hearts be glad and let us sing to the Lord forever – a new song, giving you praise and glory and honour.

You are good and only you create. The enemy makes mountains by deception, illusion and shadow but you’ve given us the victory. If I say to the mountain, “Be moved.” It moves because nothing can stand against the Lord. I sing to the Lord and make music for him and he lifts me from the pain and the shame.

Let the people hear your good works; how I love to sing your word and make praises to you.  Joy to the world; let earth receive her King. He comes in majesty, riding on the air because he has the prince of the air his footstool.

Hallelujah! Sing to the Lord.
Hallelujah! Give a shout to the King.
Hallelujah! Dance for the Christ, the anointed One.

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