Sunday, December 2, 2012

Psalms for Sunday, LXVIII

Your works are pearls that adorn my neck.  

“A lady is never without her pearls.”

I can do nothing, apart from you. You are mighty and magnificent. I will declare, I will proclaim your works all day long. Others may tire of my endless testimony but I will still speak upon your goodness and your faithfulness to the next generation.

I desire you, above anything else. You give me drink and refresh my soul because you give me good friends who encourage and uplift me.

Is there any other choice, but to exalt your name? Or to proclaim your good works?

You alone are worthy of my praise, of all praise. You alone are worthy of my worship. I love you and I will serve you, all the days you’ve allotted to me.

I am but a dim light in the darkness, but still my candle shines bright in the pit. You are hope and I freely give what I’ve received to those who are perishing.

I love you, and although I do not deserve the grace and the mercy you’ve shown me I will spend my life on you.

And I dance for you.

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