Sunday, January 6, 2013

Psalms for Sunday, LXXI

Blessings flow from your hand like spring run-off into the Cheakamus River. The righteous enjoy the endless bounty.  Your chosen ones enjoy the spoils from the enemy, because it was first stolen from them. Your love is sweet and it conquers the adversary. He cannot stand against what he does not have.

I am grateful, and you make me love life because every blessing flows from heaven. You are Light and where you are, there is no darkness; there is nothing unturned and everything is exposed. Even then, there is no shame for your Light is like a blanket – it warms, it protects, it covers.

Facts are not the truth and reality is not the end. Your Word continues to eternity, always expanding, always growing and always truth.

Delight me, O God. Surprise me with your goodness and let me walk in the fullness of your love for me.

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