Sunday, January 27, 2013

Psalms for Sunday, LXXIII

Men and women approach the Lion of Judah, as though he is a mellow kitten. They say, “Here, kitty, kitty,” and dress him up like a doll and teach him to do tricks for their entertainment. There is no fear, there is no reverence or honour. They teach their children to do the same. They create their own god, who is like them – meek and without power.

But the Lion of Judah is getting ready to roar. It will be great and glorious and will surprise the nations. The sleeping lion rouses from his rest and make things right. Those who believed will rejoice and be glad but many will mourn, for their lamp has gone cold and they have no more oil to burn.

The King is mighty, and knowledge of his fame will spread to the nations. Already the nations wait for the news, eagerly lapping it up. The nations receive the King, and worship but I am among a people, a nation which despises the word. Oh how great is our sin, but how much greater is the mercy and goodness of the King. He sees those who are committed to him; those who have waited, with a single focus – to see his glory spread.

The enemy has been defeated. Dance and rejoice, let the party begin as we welcome the King.  Sit down at the table and watch as the enemy retreats, like a wounded animal with his tail between his legs. Laugh because the plans of the enemy are no more. Love has won, and listen to the nations proclaim, “Lovers gonna love.”

How good is the Lord and how worthy he is to be praised. All the earth, worship his holy name and sing, “Holy, holy, holy, Holy is the lamb who was slain.”

Dance and sing and rejoice because the Lion of Judah roars.

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