Sunday, February 17, 2013

Psalms for Sunday, LXXIV

You are mighty in all your ways; your works are wonderful, and they cause me to wonder.

The Lord is for me, what is there to fear? The story has already been written, and the victory is my King’s.

I praise you and I worship you with a glad heart. I have inexplicable joy and my love for you is overwhelming. I will pursue you, to the end of the age and into eternity. I’ve tasted and know the goodness of the Lord; there is no exaggeration to your goodness, and there is no end. Every question is answered by your goodness, every heart is calmed.

The knowledge of the glory of the Lord will surely cover the world. Yes, I will see it and will add my story to his-story. Nothing can hold him back, nothing and no one is like you. You are worthy of my adoration; worthy of all praise.

When he stretches out his right arm, watch out. The heavens and the earth shake because he destroys the works of the enemy. Our foe is not great, but God alone is great. He, only, will I praise.

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