Sunday, September 15, 2013

Psalms for Sunday, LXXIX

You remain faithful even when I am faithless; you pursue me gently, reminding me of your presence and your goodness. Though I wander away, you are all around me. There is no place I can go where you are not there; nothing is too much for your goodness to transform it.

Your love amazes me and I have not even grasped the tip of your love. Let my desire be to forever discovering your love; let it sweep me away like a tsunami. Let me be swept away and never recovered.

There are moments when all I want is you. Lord, forgive my faithless heart, and turn my moments into a lifetime. “Take my life and let it be consecrated, my Lord to thee,” make these words be the true prayer of my heart.

When I lose my way, keep calling. I’ve tasted the sweetest perfection and without you there is nothing I desire more. You are every good thing I’ve ever wanted.

You remain faithful, that all I need to know.

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