Sunday, September 22, 2013

Psalms for Sunday, LXXX

Your love is a tsunami; it washes over me and I’m swept under. I can’t hold onto the garbage in my hands anymore. I let go and in that moment, I know I’ll be okay because you are carrying me in the rising water to higher ground.

Your love is an earthquake; the foundation I thought was secure is crumbled. I look down, absolutely sure I’m going to fall and realize I’m standing on an unshakeable rock. Even if the world rattles and shakes, I will not be shaken.

Your love is a tornado; the wind of your presence is forceful but there is peace at the centre. I keep watch and when your spirit moves, I move also lest I place myself in the destruction of the wind again. Your peace is not stationary, it is a dance that moves to and fro and through you, I learn to keep in step.

Your love is a hurricane; when the warm winds blow and rain begins to fall, the ones that stand tall and rigid and without strong roots are broken and destroyed. But those who are as palm trees bend over and go low. They are the witnesses to your goodness, to your faithfulness; they continue to stand, even after the storm of your love has passed.

Your love is lightning; it lights up the sky. It can be seen from a long way off. The thunder announces its coming and wherever it strikes, it lights a fire. I’ve been struck by your lightning, and I’ve lived – now more than ever before.

Your love is quiet waters; it is refreshing and life-giving. The weary have rest, the thirsty are quenched and the bubbling water soothes and quiets the soul.

Your love is perfect.

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