Sunday, October 13, 2013

Psalms for Sunday, LXXXIII

I look to the heavens, where my help comes from. Everything I need is with you, in your presence.

If I say to the tree, “Give your strength,” can I expect an answer?

If I say to the ocean, “Show me your wisdom,” will it show not me its limit?

If I say to my friend, “Help me,” how long will he stay with me until he himself needs help also?

There is none beside you; you are all I need. When I am tired, you strengthen me. When I need an answer, you give me wisdom. When I need help, you are with me.

All of my mistakes are covered by your love. You cuddle me in your arms and kiss me softly and work with me so I learn. You are goodness, and wholly wonderful. I am safe in your arms, and all that I need is found in your presence.

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