Sunday, April 30, 2017

Psalms for Sunday, XC

original painting by Danielle Schneider
When you delight in a man, the path is difficult and each step is full of danger.
When you turn your gaze upon your beloved, opposition rises up and hurls stones which crush him.
When you look upon a man and say, “I chose him,” the enemy laughs and scoffs and says, “This is how you treat a man you love?”

Lord, I am undone and there is no strength left to hold any longer.
Turn your face away; I cannot bear it any longer.

Yet do not abandon me to the one who seeks to devour me.
I am distressed.
Obedience will cost me my life, and disobedience my soul.

But I have seen my own end, and still I will say, “I have learned to be content because my God is good.”

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