Sunday, June 25, 2017

Psalms for Sunday, XCV

original painting by Danielle Schneider

We celebrate your Name with all the peoples on the earth.
We give you praise from among the nations.
For you are good, and your goodness stretches across the skies.
The mountains and high places belong to you and you are above them all.

A flaming lightning bolt cannot save us, nor does it produce life.
You, and you alone, give strength and I find courage by your hand.
I bow low at the beauty of your creation because by your word all things were created.

You are worthy of my praise.
You are worthy of all worship.

I will spend my every breath on you because without you I would cease to have air in my lungs.
My only delight is to receive from your great grace and mercy.
In you, I find every pleasure.
You silence my tongue and give peace to my mind,
And my only response is to worship you.

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