Sunday, July 9, 2017

Psalms for Sunday, XCVII

original painting by Danielle Schneider

Stand up! Stand up, all the prophets who see what the Lord is doing.
He is on the move and He is making His Bride beautiful.

Declare it! Speak and don’t hide the truth any longer.
The people perish for lack of vision.
Remove the veil which covers your eyes and distorts your discernment.
We are equipped by His Spirit; listen and then take action.

Repent! Turn away from your own wisdom and seek heaven’s wisdom.
Have nothing to do with evil, not even a hint of it.
Make your hands clean; wash yourself in the Word of truth.

We have hope.
Our Lord, He is hope!

We have peace.
Our Lord, He is peace!

We have truth.
Our Lord, He is truth!

We have a way.
Our Lord, He is the way!

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