Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Psalms for Sunday, LXXXV

I lift my face toward you, to ask and petition but as I stand before you, I can only bow down and worship. Nothing stands before you without falling down, not me, and not any problem. You are greater, and when I comprehend this truth - even a little - you show me how much more you are, even than my greatest thought.

Let the nations rejoice, and give thanks. You are our hope and our deliverer. You are salvation, and mercy. Your grace flows to those who seek your counsel, to those who fear you.

If I fear the Lord, then nothing else makes me afraid; even the wind and the waves obey you. You gather the waters and throw them down, the waves sulk away like a small ripple dissipating to nothing. You punish the typhoon for the lives of the righteous; nothing is hidden from your eyes.

Your judgement is against anything that inhibits love. You are love, and nothing, nothing separates us from you.

Let the people be glad because you have overcome. Evil is vanquished. We dance as you put the enemy beneath our feet; let’s stomp our feet and give a shout because Hades has given up the righteous, those who put their trust in you.
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