Sunday, June 25, 2017

Psalms for Sunday, XCV

original painting by Danielle Schneider

We celebrate your Name with all the peoples on the earth.
We give you praise from among the nations.
For you are good, and your goodness stretches across the skies.
The mountains and high places belong to you and you are above them all.

A flaming lightning bolt cannot save us, nor does it produce life.
You, and you alone, give strength and I find courage by your hand.
I bow low at the beauty of your creation because by your word all things were created.

You are worthy of my praise.
You are worthy of all worship.

I will spend my every breath on you because without you I would cease to have air in my lungs.
My only delight is to receive from your great grace and mercy.
In you, I find every pleasure.
You silence my tongue and give peace to my mind,
And my only response is to worship you.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Psalms for Sunday, XCIV

original painting by Danielle Schneider

I’m alone, but you are with me.
You feed me from your hand
You prepare a place for my head to rest.

I am held by you and I’m full of joy.
Peace is my blanket; you are peace.

You set a place for me at the table, and not one enemy is present.
You have vanquished all my enemies.
You restore my soul, calm my fears and I am at rest.
You, Lord, will make a way and lead me to the place you’ve planned for me.

I offer praise and will worship you alone.
The thunder of your voice is my covering and my banner.
I will exalt your Name.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Psalms for Sunday, XCIII

original painting by Danielle Schneider
I wake, rested from your Presence – every good thing is stored for me in your Presence.
Touch my stomach, and nausea departs.
Cradle me in your arm and let me rest my head on your shoulder and my aches will fly away.
I breathe in and your Spirit fills me; I breathe out and sickness goes with it.

We will encounter you today in the highest of high places.
Make my foot sure; I will lift my hands to you in adoration and praise.
Take me higher and higher, I just want to be with you.

Protect us Lord, we are in the camp of the enemy but you will cover us.
Hide us in plain sight; confuse the ears of our foe that we may worship you.
You are worthy of all worship and praise.

Let all who love you rejoice without fear -
Listen to their cried, give them their desire.
Let freedom be manifest
And every man, woman and child can come into the city square with a shout of victory and praise because you have done this.

You have taken the nations as your inheritance.
You are mighty to be praised.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

God Makes a Way

I’ve recently returned from a missions experience like nothing I’ve ever participated before. I joined three other women (from United States, South Africa and Malaysia) and together we travelled to Tibet for four days. After Tibet, another American joined the team and we travelled to Bhutan for another five days of missions. In total, I was away from home for a full 14 days.

Anxious thoughts plagued me for days, even before I left. I’m not typically anxious because I’m somewhat of a strategic visionary, which means I I like to plan and be prepared for all possible outcomes. This time, though, the airline called, “Fruit basket upset,” and I found myself without a flight home.

Adding to my anxiety was a friend (who has a prophetic gift I trust) telling me she felt God was asking me to trust Him, and not to make any other plans or arrangements. She said I should show up at the airport. Her words struck fear in my heart. Show up?! Without a plan?! I went into a full tailspin of a faith crisis but I knew she had heard correctly from Holy Spirit; my spirit was witness. I spent the next few days whining praying to the Lord.

The problem wasn’t if I could get home from Thailand. Of course, I could get home. I mean, there are plenty of flights daily from Bangkok to Vancouver. The issue was getting home on May 18 (because it’s my wedding anniversary and I had promised my Man I would be home to celebrate with him) without costing additional funds. The trip was not fully paid, even though I was leaving in eight days; I could hardly think to incur even more debt for a new one-way ticket. My conversation with the Lord went like this:

Lord: Do you trust me to get you home?
Me: No.
Lord: Have I looked after you in the past?
Me: I can’t remember.
Lord: Your vow to your husband is important to me. I want you to honour it. And I know the details of your finances, too.
Satan: You shouldn’t have booked on a budget travel site; they won’t do anything for you. You should make a contingency plan; your husband will understand if you can’t keep your promise.
Me (to the Lord): Satan’s right, I shouldn’t have booked on a budget travel site and this is the consequence. No one will look after me and I have to do it myself.
Lord: Is anything too hard for me? Do you really think an online budget travel site can get the best of me?
Me: Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know...

And so, with tenuous faith, I decided to trust God – for the flights, for the money, and for peace. All the finances (plus an extra $50) came in the day before my departure but throughout the duration of the trip, I was constantly being tested in the area of faith and flights. For four of the 11 flights I took within a 14 days period, I was literally running to make the flight and/or connection, and two flights I missed entirely because of weather delays.

And through it all, God was faithful. He made a way where there was no way - again, and again, and again.  My Man was there to greet me with a kiss on our anniversary, having made it home exactly as the Lord said I would AND without any additional costs.

Oh, and the extra $50 I received? It was exactly what I needed to rebook one of the missed flights. He knows what we need before we even need it. That’s our God – Lord above the mountains and budget travel sites, too.

Fire Flags by Catch the Fire Worship Flags at Yamdrok Lake, Tibet

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Psalms for Sunday, XCII

original painting by Danielle Schneider
You are my armed guard, my Protector.
You lead me through restricted areas because there are no limits with you.
You send angels to watch for me, and they help me.
You have put in place what I need before I know I need it.

I trust you completely and you’ve calmed all my fears.
Who can stop me?
What can harm me?
Your mercy and goodness go before me, and trail behind me also – like a cloud and a fire.

I can’t comprehend your infinite love.
Your love is too big, too deep, too high and too wide for understanding.
Love makes a way where there is no way.

Show me your glory; let me see more of your goodness.
You are my one desire – to bury myself in the crevice of your hand.
There, I am hidden; there I am safe.
There I experience peace and joy and I am satisfied.

You reign in all the earth, let your glory be known.
Let every man have understanding and increase their knowledge.

I am smitten, like a child with a gift.
Nothing is better than this moment because you are with me.
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