Friday, June 17, 2011

5 Ways my Dad Taught Me About my Father

In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, I’m writing about my dad. I have an awesome dad. Most people don’t. Father wounds are the largest reason inner healing is necessary. The great part about being in the family of God is that we have a brand-new heritage and family legacy. Any story you read in the Bible, you can take as part of your legacy and if that’s still not good enough, go ahead, graft your story into mine and claim my personal legacy as your own because we’re family.

1.       My Father will rescue me
When I was 16 a boy took me on a date to a hockey fundraiser in another town. It was winter and a blizzard started during the evening; driving was not advised. My date decided to stay at a friend’s overnight. I knew that wouldn’t please my parents but I had been drinking and I was afraid to call my dad.  I called and both my parents came to pick me up. Instead of condemnation and fear, I felt safe. Whether or not they knew I had been drinking didn’t matter. I was protected and I knew that My Father will go through a storm to bring me home.

2.       My Father upholds my reputation
A couple of boys from school were looking in my bedroom window. I didn’t know who was outside but I told my dad and he went outside to find them. My dad brought them into the house and sat them down at the dining room table. He spoke to them about my reputation, and how it was his job to protect it. When he was finished talking, he let them leave. It taught me that my Father upholds and protects my reputation from stain and tarnish.

3.       My Father likes spending time with me
During high school my social calendar was – social. I was busy working, hanging with friends or being with my boyfriend. I didn’t make time for family unless it was required. My dad began to invite me on breakfast dates. I don’t remember when the dates started but it became a regular event throughout high school; just him and me. The conversations weren’t always revolutionary but my dad was genuinely interested in what I had to say and what was going on in my life. I learned that my Father enjoys my company and likes hearing my perspective. 

4.       My Father is interested in developing me as a whole person
It didn’t seem fair to me that I had to learn how to mow the grass, change the car oil, and handle a chainsaw when my older brother didn’t have to learn to clean the house or make dinner. When I sold World’s Finest Chocolates for a school fundraiser, I’m 100% certain I was the only child with a detailed sales pitch - why the chocolates are the world’s finest, the benefits for the buyer and why it was important for me to sell the chocolate. Looking back, I realize my dad was developing skills that I might need later in life. My Father develops skills and abilities in me too so that in season or out of season I produce fruit.

5.       My Father treats me with value
From the time I was small, my dad taught me to make eye contact with people when I spoke. My dad taught by example, to treat others with value and respect because I had value and deserved respect. Our family was not wealthy but I never felt I was anything less than someone who did have money. My dad treated me like a princess and taught me to behave like royalty. My Father agrees.

I love my dad and I’m grateful that he is still alive and is close enough to see him frequently.

What do you love about your dad? Did your dad help you draw closer to the Father? Tell me how in the comments.


  1. Beautiful Andrea. This is such a blessing to me right now!<3


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