Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wanna Come to a Passion Party?

What’s better than 1 blog writer? Five blog writers.

I’m honored to be invited to be part of a writing community at Kingdom Bloggers. Each week, David of Fire and Grace introduces a topic and Monday through Friday, 5 different bloggers offer different perspectives. It’s kind of like the Gospels, except that there are 5 writers and not 4, and the fact that it’s not the Bible – so maybe it’s not like the Gospels at all.

I write on hump day, or Mittwoch as the Germans say. Head over to the site here to catch my latest ponderings and while you’re there, read David and Joyce’s perspective on Monday/Tuesday respectively and then come back on Thursday and Friday to read Tracy and Tony’s thoughts. 

This week’s theme is passion; since there are 5 of us, you could call it a passion party. I was going to host a passion party once. I was careful about who I invited because Christians like to keep it a secret that we have sex, (I’m whispering in case I offend somebody). It’s especially offensive if you’re in a leadership role, which I was at the time. Even though, it was on the down-low, word got around faster than a spider running from my vacuum and I had to explain to church leadership why I was having a passion party. Did I mention that they are all men? It was awkward to say the least.

The passion party over at Kingdom Bloggers is completely different.  Come on - click here to check it out.

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